Platinum Plus

When the best is still not enough...
This is the penultimate that can be achieved with your transporter. Every small detail has had our teams love and attention. from the metal pedals all the way to the piano black sun visor clips. Each touch point has been actioned, every dash panel changed, digital interface and audio tech upgraded, cold drinks and wireless charging all come standard with the platinum plus interior. You will not be disappointed.

Before and After

Digital Dashboard

Modern, easy to use and visually impressive – the digital dash really changes the useability and feel of your T6.1.

Available for both non-discover media and discover media.

Platinum Plus Dash Upgrade

This stunning upgrade will remove the moondust grey plastics from the entire cabin.

It’s a big change and really shows the level to which we will go to create the perfect transporter internal refit.

Centre Console Fridge Freezer

Nothing is quite like a cold bottle of water on a long trip, this huge centre console fridge not only will keep your lunch cool but will also charge your phone wirelessly while adding 3 more usb points to your van.

This silent and cool edition will not only chill but freeze just in case you require some ice for that cheeky lemonade after a long hard ride.

Sports Leather Interior

This seat, inspired from the Golf GTI, gives you the support and the comfort you would expect from a premium seat upgrade.

With fully perforated honeycomb to the inside, it’s an enjoyable place to be.

Bespoke Pipe and Dress Work

Its all about the details…

Comfort Line Pack

The secret to de-commercialising your van is the famous comfort lining pack.

With 3 stages of acoustic tuning and thermal lining it’s a the process that turns your metal box into a quiet, refined, and enjoyable place to be.

Our seamless carpet line includes the following features to make sure no culture shocks happen, when leaving a domestic machine.

Alcantara A Pillars

Alcantara A pillars are one of the 1st of the touch points you experience in this interior, it’s a tiny touch that in real life gives a big impact.

Available in:

TTR Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Our second touch point is an obvious and important one, our nappa leather steering wheel is smooth, sophisticated and lovely to hold.

With perforated grips it’s a feel that is settled and comfortable in your hand. Pick a coloured dress stitch to finish the little details off and make your van feel yours.

Custom Dashboard Optics

This effective modification will put a smile on your face whilst at the wheel of your T6.1.

Available in:

Alcantara Cab and Pillars

Alcantara Rear Roof

Alcantara Rear Side Panel Lining

Full Internal Optics

Little big things…

Front and Rear Library Pack

This is our most intense sound treatment process.

It would seem crazy to think that the entire van is stripped bare in the platinum plus process. In turn this allows us to install a Hex embossed aluminium deading mat.

Van Haven Mats

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